The history
of cryotherapy

The positive effects of cold were noticed at the beginning of the history of medicine. Ancient Egyptians were among the first ones to use its benefits. Hippocrates used the pain killing effect of cold for therapeutic purposes. But it wasn’t until the 19th century and the invention of liquefaction of gas that enabled cryogenics to thrive. This invention allowed for greater control over the cooling process and treatment became more precise. Among others, the method started to be applied in dermatologic treatment. And in the 1970s, the term cryotherapy was coined. At that time, first cryochambers were built.

Today, cold therapy is applied both in focal and general treatment. Focal cryotherapy is the use of very low temperatures on a selected area of the body. It destroys tissue and is used mainly in dermatology and oncology.

General cryotherapy is a short-term exposure of the entire body to low temperature. It last about 2–3 minutes and is a highly stimulating process.

Before treatment, a person who uses the cryochamber must necessarily:

  1. Dry their body of sweat,
  2. Wear appropriate protective clothing
  3. And secure their hands and feet.

The treatment commences after adjustment of treatment parameters to the individual needs of the patient.
Cryotherapy treatment includes short-term exposure to low temperature.

The body responds with an intense vasoconstriction and then widening of blood vessels.
This results in an increase of blood flow, greater oxygenation of tissues and nutrient absorption.

It reduces pain and accelerates tissue regeneration.
Positive effects of cold therapy last for a few hours after treatment.

The advantages of
the CryoSpace JBG-2

  • extremely easy operation
  • an option of contact with the surrounding during the procedure
  • adjustment of treatment parameters to individual needs of the patient
  • small size and modular construction (possibility to enter through an 80 cm-wide door)
  • ergonomic design

JBG-2 CryoSpace treatments have
a beneficial effect on:

  •  increasing physical training capacity
  • strengthening of the blood vessel structure
  •  increasing body immunity
  • reducing pain and swelling
  • facilitating rehabilitation exercises
  • alleviating the effect of neurological diseases
  • enhancing the effects of beauty treatment
  • improving wellbeing

Additional features
 JBG-2 CryoSpace

  • Automatic nitrogen evacuation from the chamber
  • Possibility to adjust the platform height to the patient
  • Simple, intuitive operation



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